Wabash Disc Golf Club

2018 Season Kick-Off Match Play Event

The WDGC will kick-off the 2018 season on Saturday, March 31  with a match play event at Murdock Park. Sign in between 8:30 and 9:30. Club meeting at 9:45 and tee off at 10:00.

The Wabash Disc Golf Club is excited to announce the start of another great year of disc golf! The season’s first Club event will be a Single Elimination Match-Play tournament.
This is also the first day to sign up for 2018 WDGC membership. Membership is $10 and includes entry to the Season Kick-Off, Club Championships, and Season Finale Tournaments. Club members also receive a numbered bag tag, Club event magnet, and a $5 Club Cash Card to be used on ANYTHING Club related. Merchandise, tournaments, Monday Doubles entry… ANYTHING!
We will soon list order forms for new WDGC shirts as well. We will again be sourcing them locally and will order them as needed instead of getting a bunch at the beginning of the year.They’ll be cool. And you can use your Club Cash toward their purchase.
Here are the details on how the Season Kick-Off Tourney will run:
Once we know how many people are playing, we will take bag tags numbered from 1 – # of players, shuffle them, and put them face down. We will have a single elimination bracket made up with each bracket slot matching one of the tags. Each player will choose a tag at random and will be put into the bracket in the slot that matches their tag number. It’s very likely that one or more players will get a bye the first round in order to have the total number of matchups work out correctly, but the first round is the only time anyone in the winner’s bracket will get a bye.
Each player will play a 6 hole, match play round against his/her opponent in the bracket. If you’re unfamiliar with match play I have a description at the end of this post. The starting hole for each group will be determined randomly by drawing a numbered chip. Before each hole, one of the members of the group will flip a disc or coin to determine if the group will be playing the White or the Orange tee for that hole. If there is no winner of a match after 6 holes the pair will play up to 2 additional playoff holes. If the match is still tied, the players will return to tournament headquarters for a CTP throw to determine the winner. The winner of each match will advance in the winners’ bracket. The loser may continue to play in the losers’ pool. When there are only 2 pairs of players remaining in the winners’ bracket, the winners of those two match-ups will play each other for 1st and 2nd place and the losers will play each other for 3rd and 4th place. This final round of match play will be 9 holes long.
Each player in the losers’ pool will be paired up at random with one of the other “alive” players in the losers’ pool. If you lose a match while in the losers’ pool you are no longer alive and have been eliminated from play. If my math is right (and I make no guarantee of that) there could be up to 4 players alive when the losers’ pool officially closes. The final round of losers’ pool play will be when there are only 2 pairs of players remaining in the winners’ bracket. This will allow all players to be finished playing in time to watch the championship round.
After each match-up is completed, the winner of the match will keep the lower numbered bag tag of the two players and the loser will keep the higher tag.
Prizes will be Plastic to the People gift certificates and plastic from them as well!
Sign-up from 8:30-9:30am, Club meeting at 9:45, and first round tee-off at 10:00.
Match play works like this: Each player is paired against one other player. The two players play against each other on a hole by hole basis with each hole being worth 1 point to an outright winner of the hole. It makes no difference if the hole is won by 1 stroke or 10 strokes. The hole is still only worth 1 point. If the players tie on a hole no point is awarded for that hole and the point for that hole does not carry over to the following hole. After 6 holes the player with the greater number of points wins the match.
Comment below with any questions and see you then!