2020 Season Kick-Off Skin Event

2020 Season Kick-Off Skin Event

The WDGC will kick-off the 2020 season on Saturday, April 4  with a skin match event at Murdock Park. Sign in between 8:30 and 9:30. Club meeting at 9:45 and tee off at 10:00.

This is also be your opportunity to sign up for 2020 WDGC membership! Your membership is $10 and includes entry to the Season Kick-Off, Club Championships, and Season Finale Tournaments. Club members also receive a numbered bag tag, Club event magnet, and a $5 Club Cash Card to be used on ANYTHING Club related. Merchandise, tournaments, Monday Doubles entry… ANYTHING!

We will soon list order forms for new WDGC shirts as well. We will again be sourcing them locally and will order them as needed instead of getting a bunch at the beginning of the year. They’ll be cool. And you can use your Club Cash toward their purchase. Here are the details on how the Season Kick-Off Tourney will run:

This year we’ll be using a Skins style format. There will be a total of up to four 9 hole rounds (for the players who make it all the way to the finals) and every player still “alive” will play in every round. We may take a break after round 2 for lunch and then get back at it.

If you’re unfamiliar with Skins golf here’s how it works: Each hole is worth a certain number of points and the scoring for each hole is completely independent from every other hole. Each group will contain 3-5 players. When someone in your group wins a hole outright (not tied with another player) they get the number of points that hole was worth. If there’s a tie, the points for that hole carry over and get added to the points for the next hole making it worth even more. There will be 9 holes in each round. The first 4 holes will be worth 1pt each, the next 3 will be worth 2pts each, and the last 2 holes will be worth 3pts each. For each round, the top 2 scorers in each group will move on to the next round. Anytime a player reaches 6pts, mathematically can’t finish worse than 2nd, or mathematically can’t finish in at least 2nd on their card for the round they stop playing and the other players continue until the round is over. If no one wins the final hole outright the points for that hole are NOT given out. After hole 9, the top two players will move on to the next round and the remaining players are eliminated. If there is a tie for 2nd place in a group, any players involved in the tie will break the tie with a CTP throw.

Prizes will be WDGC embroidered merchandise and Plastic to the People gift certificates.

Sign-up from 8:30-9:30am, Club meeting at 9:45, and first round tee-off at 10:00.